About me

Ok, me...

I grew up in rural Somerset in the 80s. I've had an artistic temperament for most my life with a fondness of drawing from an early age, but despite this, a logical brain and career prospects pushed me in the direction of a computer science degree, which I attained from Swansea University in 1999.

Buying my first digital camera in 2001, I found it's combination of artistic creativity and technical wizardry appealed to me.

Several years back I decided I needed a better camera to capture the safari we were going on for our honeymoon, so I picked up a second hand Canon DSLR and taught myself how to use it for a year before the trip. Since then, my passion for photography has flourished and my gear upgraded several times to the professional level equipment I use today.
Now I see the world as a series of opportunities to be captured through a viewfinder.

I started shooting weddings in 2009 alongside award winning professional photographer Albert Palmer and loved every one! Each is different, personalised to the participants' particular tastes and fancies, so they never get boring. I seem to have as much fun as any guest!

My style can be broadly described as unobtrusive, reportage photography. I realised that after my own wedding I had plenty of photographs of myself and my wife, but barely anything of my friends, family and loved ones. So I try to keep a balance and make sure I take photos of all the people and small details that make the day so special, as well as the more formal posed and group shots that everyone looks for.
Thanks to the experience of many weddings, I am also good at controlling the crowd to get the shots needed with the minimum of disruption to the day.

As well as weddings I also shoot engagement shoots and portraits as well as some more creative modelling shoots with various photography groups - see here for an example, or maybe even here.

Photography for me is a favourite pastime as well as a job skill.

Currently, you'll find me living in North Bristol with my wife, Becky, our young twins, a couple of cats and a bunch of chickens.

I am also a proud sponsor and contributor for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, who organise and fund weddings for terminally ill people.

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